Tongue & Voice Than Hands & Weapons

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Come and See 29

29th Sunday Ordinary Time C
Exudus 17:8-13
2 Timothy 3: 14-4:2
Luke 18:1-8

The major theme for the Reading of the 29th is that God will not abandon the faithful who are steadfast in prayer. We should never lower “the banner of God” which is doing justice and praying in our Christian life.

Moses rose up “the banner of God” in the battle against Amalek. As long as he rose up “the banner of God,” the Israelites advanced in the battle. On the contrary, when Moses lowered “the banner of God,” Amalek had the better of the fight. “The banner of God” can be understood through our living faith. By the way we practice justice and charity, we raise up “the banner of God” over the selfishness in the world. In other words, the more we do justice and charity, the higher “the banner of God” is raised.

In the parable of Luke, Jesus provides us with the weapon to fight against an enemy. That weapon is prayer. According to St. Origen (185-254), “the people of God fight more with tongue and voice than hands and weapons.”[1] Clearly enough, we are called to raise up our prayers steadily to God.  Without prayer – “the banner of God,” “Amalek” is stronger than us. As long as we pray, we will definitely advance in the battle. Stop praying, we “lower” “the banner of God.” No “banner of God” – no prayer in our life, then no sign of God’s presence in our life. Without a doubt, we lose all.

We are called to pray “without losing heart.” Do not be discouraged, because God does not only give justice, but “He does justice swiftly.”[2] We sometimes seem to see nothing happening in our prayers. It does not mean that God ignores our prayers, but in sincere prayer, we go deeper into trust where we learn that “only God knows what is good for us in the long run.”[3]

My dear friends, if, in the end, an unjust and merciless judge can give justice to a window, how much more, will God, our loving Father, hear our prayers?

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