Quand nous décampersons

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Come and See 33
33 Sunday Ordinary Time C
Malachi 3: 19-20a
2 Thessalonians 3:7-12
Luke 21:5-19

When we decamp, without trumpet of fanfare,
More naked than we were born, owning nothing,
When worms and damp consume our bodies,
We will ring, all alone, at the gate of the Garden.
What does it matter?
Death has been nailed to the cross
By the hand of God who will open
The door!

Our voices will be silenced in the earth,
Our bodies, in pieces everywhere;
And having so long slept in the cemetery,
Our skins will be full of a thousand holes.
What does it matter?
Our fingers will be formed from clay
By the hand of God who will open
The door!

Will we be standing, hoping, or on crutches,
Grotesque dancing puppets?
And having lost everything all too cheaply,
Our poor hands will be as full of holes as baskets.
What does it matter?
A bleeding wound
The hand of God who will open
The door!

Sad plumes stuck in hats at the feast,
Corpse of the living unpainted and blank,
Having known no tears, we kiss the head,
Longing and yet ashamed to be seen.
What does it matter?
The tears of man will shine
In the eyes of God when he will open
The door!
By D. Rimaud [1]

[1] Days of the Lord, Vol 6, Year C. (Minnesota: The Liturgy Press), 311-312.

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