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Come and See 35 – 1st Advent A
Isaiah 2: 1- 5
Romans 13: 11- 14
Mathew 24: 37- 44

St. John Bosco (Don Bosco), a founder of Salesians was watching his student playing soccer. After the break, he approached them and asked. “My sons, if you died today, what would you do?” One answered, “I will go to confession.” Another, “I will go to receive the Eucharist.” Another, “I will go home say sorry to my parents because I did not obey them.” “How about you, Savio?” Don Bosco asked. Dominic Savio replied, “I continue playing soccer.”

* * *

Dear Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể, today is the first Sunday of Advent of 2010.This is new cycle of liturgical year, the year A. We will have four Advent Sundays before the Christmas. The Church designs this time for us to prepare our soul in order to welcome the Baby Jesus. Advent means “coming” of the Lord. Advent is the time of expectation of the coming of the Lord.

The conversation between St. Don Bosco and St. Dominic Savio revealed the fact that in order to welcome Jesus, we need to be alert. Like Savio, we are invited to live with a full awareness of God’s presence in our lives. No matter what you are doing, playing, and learning, you should do it with all your heart. Living in the awareness of God’s presence is to live fully with the Lord. While you are studying, playing games, or watching TV, you can talk to Jesus, such as “Jesus, I want you to play with me.” Or “Jesus, Can you study with me?” or “Baby Jesus, thank you for the show on TV, I love it.” Praying and talking to Jesus like that, you are living in a full awareness of God’s presence; you are inviting Him to live, to study, and to play with you all times.

To prepare for the coming of Baby Jesus, you can talk to Him everything as a friend. The best gift that you are going to give Him is the way you talk and let Him be with you all time.

Jesus, I love you. Help me to talk to you daily.

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