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Come and See 36 – 2nd Sunday of Advent A
Isaiah 11:1 – 10
Romans 15: 4 – 9
Mathew 3: 1 -12

A long time ago there lived a little boy whose parents died. After his mother’s funeral, he was sent to live with his aunt; however, his aunt sent a servant to pick him up rather than picking him up herself. He never forgave his aunt for not picking him up after his mother’s funeral.

Years later after he moved away, a messenger brought him a letter with the bad news that his aunt died. He was touched when he read the following: “… While my servant was on the way to pick you up, my dear son, I was spending two days to clean your room, to decorate your room, to cook food, to make clothes and iron them for you… I was waiting at the door for hours to welcome you regardless of a cold dark night… I sent my messenger to you because I wanted to be ready for you before you entered into my house.”

Jesus, help me to open my heart and to listen to you through your messengers.

* * *

Dear Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể, the Readings today remind of us how God expresses his love for us by sending his messengers to us. God sent John the Baptist to prepare us to welcome God into our lives. His “cry” is for us to open our hearts to God.

Open your heart to listen to your parents even though they are “out of date.” They have experienced the hardships and dangers of the world; they want to teach you how to avoid these dangers so that you will not get hurt.

Open your heart to listen to your teachers, Huynh Trưởng, even though they are tough. They want to walk with you and be with you in all your situations, good and bad.

Open your heart to listen to Jesus in the Eucharist, even though you do not see Him with your physical eyes. He truly loves you and died for you. He is willing to help you if you just open heart to Him and invite Him to walk with you.

Jesus, help me to open my heart and to listen to you through your messengers.

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