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Come and See 53
7th Sunday of Easter – The Ascension
Acts 1: 1 – 11
Ephesians 1: 17 – 23
Mt 28: 16 – 20

In the summer of 1997, one member of class 2A18, HUFLIT University attended the military training in Gia Dinh Park, Go Vap District, Saigon. During break time, he saw a boy selling gums. The boy asked student by student to buy gums for him. Finally, he stopped in front of one member of the class and asked him to buy gums. This man greeted the boy and asked about his background, where the boy lived, how he came to Saigon, how much money he earned for a day,… This man finally bought two bars of gum. One he bought for himself, and the other he gave it back to the boy and asked him to open it. Since then, they became friends. Once they were having a conversation at break time, the boy saw the crucifix on the man’s neck, the boy asked, “I like this crucifix, could you give it to me?” “Certainly, but tell me more.” The man replied. “I like to go to church, but I did not know how to go there. Some of my friends go to church, but I am not Catholic, so I cannot go. Can I become Catholic then I can go and join my friends?” the boy asked. “Sure, you can become Catholic.” From then on, during break times, the boy looked for his friend and they talked about God, the Bible, and the Catechism, and finally at the end of the summer, the boy was baptized at the Park.

Bringing God to people, and bringing people to God

* * *

Today, we celebrate the feast of Ascension. Before Jesus went back to heaven, he gave all his disciples, including you and me, a command, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.”

Mother Teresa once told, “Bringing God to people, and bringing people to God” is the most significant thing to do. Nothing is more valuable for us to do than to bring God to people and to bring people to God. Indeed, what more significant than this work!

Jesus commanded us to bring the Gospel to all people in the world. It is good to live a good moral life, but it seems not enough. How about the others who do not know God? How about your classmates, friends whom you see and talk to daily? Where will they go after this life? If you love them, what is the best gift you should give them?! Undoubtedly, nothing is worthier than Jesus. But the question is how you and I can give Jesus to them?

Evangelization is like a work of a farmer who is planting a tree. His job is to plan a seed in soil. How and when that seed grows are mysterious. A farmer cannot make that seed grow. All he can do is to plant, to water, to fertilize as much as he can, then he waits for the time. He does all things with an awareness of “planting” a tree.

Likewise, to evangelize is the foremost thing to do for your friends, especially those who do not know God yet. With this awareness, you will spontaneously pray for them, treat them with their dignity, and talk to them in a new way. You do it with the awareness that sooner or later, the seed will grow; how and when the seed turns to a tree, you do not know; and further that is not your job, but God’s. All you can do is to put a seed of love, care, and prayer with awareness of evangelization in their soul; and the Lord will do the rest.

Lord, raise in me the awareness of evangelization.

Br. Huynhquảng

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