Fair or Unfair

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Sunday 26th A OT
Ezk 18: 25- 28
Phip 2: 1 -11
Mt 21: 28-32

We are living in the world with a lot of complaints about “unfairness.” Three Readings on  26th Sunday in Ordinary Time help us understand the meaning of fairness and unfairness.
The Babylonian Exile (597-538 B.C.) is a crucial time for Israel when the Israelites reflected upon what had occurred, and why such a tragedy had come upon them. Living among his people, Ezekiel continued to warn the Israelite to return to the Lord. However, they continued to complain to God’s unfairness. Through Ezekiel, God asked the Israelites to reflect seriously upon how God had treated them. “Hear now, O house of Israel: Is my way not fair? Is it not your ways that are not fair” (Ezk 18:25)?

Look at Christ, He will show you the meaning of fairness and unfairness.

In the Gospel, Jesus presents the image of two sons, one who first agrees to serve his father, but later changes his mind; while the other son, who at first does not agree to serve his father, but later serves him. The parable of two sons is a calling to practice religion, not just to talk about what we believe. This parable also leads us to reflect upon our attitudes as Christians. What attitude do I have toward God? Which son do I play role in my relationship with God? Do I treat God fairly enough?  
St. Paul in the Second Reading helps us to understand the meaning of fairness and unfairness. If we often complain that life is not fair when we suffered; we feel lonely, and sick,  how about the One who died on the cross? Is it fair or unfair for Jesus who “was in the form of God…but made himself nothing, [by] taking the form of a servant… and [to] obey to the point of death”? Is it fair for Him?
* * *
A monk joined a monastery and took a vow of silence. After the first 10 years his superior called him in and asked, “Do you have anything to say?”
The monk replied, “Food bad.”
After another 10 years the monk again had opportunity to voice his thoughts.
He said, “Bed hard.”
Another 10 years went by and again he was called in before his superior. When asked if he had anything to say, he responded, “I quit.”
“It doesn’t surprise me a bit. You’ve done nothing but complain ever since you got here.”1
* * *
Dear my friends, how many more complaints will you have for the rest of your life? Would you want to live your life complaining all the time instead of to giving thanks? Would you want to treat others as fairly as you expect them to treat you? Look at Christ, He will show you the meaning of fairness and unfairness.

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