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Come and See 67
Wisdom 6: 12- 16
1 Thess 4: 13- 18
Mt 25: 1 -13

The parable of the ten virgins is the teaching of the Second Coming of the Son of God. In the previous chapters, 22-24, Jesus uses different parables to express how poor the Jews are when they do not recognize the Son of God living among them. Again, the parable of the ten virgins emphasizes that the Jews must be ready to welcome the Son of God. In other words, the Jews are invited to the wedding of the Son; they need to have “lamp and oil” for the ceremony. 

The parable warns us that a certain skill requires us to be prepared for our lives. A student has to prepare for an exam; a teacher has to prepare for a lecture; a young man has to prepare for his future life. As Christians, we have to prepare for meeting the Lord. If we do not prepare for ourselves, it will be too late when the time comes.

We cannot borrow love, relationships, or friendship.

The parable also recommends us that there are certain things in life that we are not allowed to borrow. Actually, we cannot borrow gas, air, or light. More importantly, we cannot borrow love, relationships, or friendship. We have to possess them. Love, relationship, and friendship are things that no one can borrow from others. If we do not acquire them, I will never have them. We have to acquire them for ourselves.

* * *

Dear friends, God invites us to prepare ourselves with “lamp and oil” for His Son’s Wedding. The lamp in Greek (lampás) means “to shine” like a torch. The lamp, with religious meaning, is present at birth, marriage, and burial. In these events, the lamp reminds us of life, happiness, and awareness. In fact, we are given the lamp of faith in Baptism. With the lamp of faith, we have the responsibility to send its brightness to the world with the life of Christ in us, and to bring happiness and hope to the despaired. Keeping the lamp of faith alight, we keep the relationship with God; we receive the love of God; and we have God’s friendship. Thus, when the end comes for each of us, we will not need to borrow “lamp and oil,” but we will be ready for the heavenly ceremony.

Lord, help us to be ready to welcome you in each day.

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