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23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Mk 7: 31-37

Today, the Gospel presents us with a powerful miracle that Jesus did for a deaf man. With the power of Jesus, the deaf man could hear voices, music, and sounds in the world. Obviously, before being cured by Jesus, he was deaf and he could not hear any sounds around him. He could not experience the voice of his beloved ones; he could not enjoy the sound of music; he could not hear the sweet songs of birds. Jesus brought a new life to him. Jesus restored his ability to hear.

Our spiritual life somehow is the same as the deaf man is. There are many times that we are deaf; we loose the ability to hear the voice of God, the voice of our friends, and our family constantly crying out in our conscience. We are deaf because we let all kinds of noises coming into our ear; therefore we cannot distinguish the voice of God talking to us.

Can you hear the voice of Jesus in the poor? Can you hear the voice of Jesus in many poor victims crying out because of unjust circumstances that they go through? Can you hear the cry of your friends who are suffering because no one wants to talk to them, or because you neglect them? Can you hear the voice of your parents who daily remind you to live well as a son and daughter of God?

If you do not hear those voices that are calling you daily, you need to come to Jesus and to ask him to cure your spiritual ears. He is willing to cure you, but with a condition, you have to come to him and keep your heart open for him to enter into your home.

Lord, I come to you as a deaf man in the Gospel. I need you to cure me and open my ears, so that I can hear your loving voice which is constantly calling me to open my heart to you, so that you to come in and dwell in my life.

Ephphatha! Lord, please open my ears, so that I can hear your Words.

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