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Dear friends,

A complete written essay is one that includes the following elements: (1) Introduction, (2) Development, and (3) Conclusion. In the Introduction, the most essential and difficult thing to do is to compose a Thesis Statement and its Supporting Points. The Development is where you develop your ideas based on the Thesis Statement; and this part consists of several Paragraphs. The Conclusion restates the Thesis Statement and reinforces the supporting ideas in different words concisely.

If you look at a person’s life you’ll see the similarities between how s/he leads his/her life and how you write an essay. In general, each and every one of us has to go through the three stages of life: the introduction, the development, and the conclusion. In reality, some children died not long after they were born. We don’t have an opportunity to learn about their Thesis Statement. For the rest of us, we have good enough conditions to complete our essays of life. Yet some never do.

Some people spend most of their lives looking for a Thesis Statement. They should have written it when they were 18. Unfortunately, many never found one, and are still working on it in their 50s or even 60s. Such a life is like an essay without a Thesis: ideas are impulsive and unorganized. That is a life without goals, purposes, or ideals.

Some came up with a Thesis Statement at an early age, but didn’t know how to develop it. They hold on to their ideals for the rest of their lives but have no clues on how to turn those ideals into specific and useful actions. They live in their dreams and would die in their dreams. Their essay lacks development, and thus it is incomplete.

Some write two or three Thesis Statements in their Introduction. Because they have too many Theses, they would develop their lives in different directions at the same time. That is why they may get lost in a restless and confusing life. Though they may manage to reach the Conclusion, they would fail to reveal their focal point. Such is an off-track essay.

Some compose a wonderful, specific Thesis Statement for their Introduction. Yet when they develop it, challenges doom, problems arise, and unfavorable conditions show, etc. Discouraged, they would return to their starting point to erase their original Thesis Statement, and try to work on another. Unfortunately, time for the essay is limited. They have to turn in their incomplete essay, one without a conclusion.

Some succeed with the Thesis Statement, yet their Supporting Points are not coherent with the Thesis. These people say one thing but do another. Their actions don’t match with their words. They say their ideals out loud, but their lives are different stories. Such is an illogical essay.

Dear friends, a purpose or ideal is as essential for your life as is a Thesis Statement for an essay. This Thesis Statement helps you stay on the Theme, keeping you from going astray. That’s how important your life’s ideal is.

As you start your college life, it’s time for you to work on your Thesis Statement. If you haven’t found one yet, don’t hurry into the Development. Don’t start your actions or the “construction” of your life until you have found a purpose or an ideal. Don’t simply jot down whatever comes to mind. Life and time don’t allow opportunities for you to come back to erase your Thesis Statement and start all over again!

Once you have found your purpose/ideal, don’t hesitate to develop it. Divide your road ahead into stages like how you develop your Thesis into Paragraphs. Be patient enough to develop one by one, and never let anything discourage you. Complete each paragraph with care before starting working on another. That way you won’t get lost or go off track. Try to achieve your goals whatever happens. Just like the way your other sentences support your Thesis Statement, all your actions should go hand in hand with your life’s ideal or purpose.

I wish you the chance to complete your whole essay, to write the final words of your Conclusion. I wish you the ability to write a wonderful, specific, clear, profound, legible, logical, and meaningful essay of life.

Br. Huynhquảng

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