A Child’s Heart

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27th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Mk 10: 2 – 16

The goal of all Christians is to enter the kingdom of God. In the Reading today, Jesus shows us a simple way to possess the kingdom of God. He simply shows us how to live our life as a child does. What does a child’s heart mean?

No ambition. Ambition means not only the ambition for material things, but that for spiritual life as well. Because we are too ambitious for fulfillment and steadiness in our spiritual life, we easily fall into the trap of anxiety and unease. We want to control everything, even our future and God. All kind of problems arises when we do not learn our limitation. Indeed, we forget that we are just beggars who constantly beg for God’s mercy and peace. As many other beggars on streets, we have no right to complain or to judge others’ generosity. All we can do is to beg people with our empty hands. We wait to receive whatever it will be: one cent, a loaf of bread, or even a stone.  All we can do is to say thank you.

No beggar guarantees that he or she will be fed fully when he or she begins a new day of begging. So do we. On the journey of searching for God, we will definitely face many struggles and obstacles. One day, we might experience how much God loves us; but the other day, we might experience how dark our spiritual life is.

“My thoughts are far above your thoughts, my wisdom is different from your wisdom” (cf. Is 55:8). Do you trust in His Word?

My dear friends! A child’s heart teaches us to live our spiritual life with the disposition of total surrender. A child’s heart teaches us to open our heart and welcome all things as gifts from the loving Father. A child’s heart teaches us to completely trust in God’s providence.

Lord, I am just a begging child. You see my empty hands opening day after day. I continue to beg for your mercy even though I feel dry and cold in my prayers. But I trust in your boundless generosity. No matter what grace you will give me, I will give you thank from the bottom of my heart because you are my Father.

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