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C&See 14

The 2nd Sunday of Advent

Lk 3: 1 – 6

The Advent constantly reminds us of the voice of John the Baptist. The voice of John the Baptist was echoed in the desert. Who would listen to the voice in the desert? Needless to say, no one lived in the desert, but why John cried out in the desert. Maybe that was the voice for himself. He himself prepared the way of the Lord before his voice could reach to others. In the desert, more than ever, he heard the voice of his own.

The Church gives us the Advent with a purpose that we can use this time to go into a desert and to silence ourselves. The Advent is also the time to close all secular voices so that we can hear an inner voice in our heart. Whether or not being wanted, we daily receive numerous voices from the world. Therefore, we hardly define which voice would be a right one. How can we define a right voice if we do not find a “desert” to quiet ourselves? We need to find a quiet place to listen to a voice emerging from the inside.

My dear friends, an old year passed, and a new year is coming. What did you hear and learn from last year? How much faith and love have you grown since last year? Have you completed your last goals? How about the coming year? What are you goals? What do you plan to do for the coming year?

In order to find the answers, I invite you to take advantage of the Advent to quiet yourselves and to hear an inner voice whispering in your heart. If you cannot hear your own voice, you will absolutely unable to hear other voices. If you cannot hear your own cries, you will absolutely unable to hear other cries. Without hearing your own inner voice, all other voices outside can be worthless and meaningless.

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