Love Never Fails

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C&See 15

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

I Cor 12:13 -13:13

Have you ever failed in love? If you failed in love, it would not be love; it is just a human relationship; true love never fails. True love can overcome all obstacles and hindrances. Love is neither self-seeking nor self-serving, but rather self-giving and self-emptying. All other forms of “love” are not true if they do not express sacrifice and service.

Normally, we think of love as something that makes us feel good. We love someone because of this or that quality. We love someone because of his or her good-looks, talent, and  status. All in all, love, according to secular concept is to satisfy our needs and meet our conditions. Love means me, myself and I; everything or everyone has to serve me.

The Second Reading in the liturgy today reminds us that love is the hallmark of our Christian identity. Love according to Christ’s teaching is not simply to do charity, to help the poor, or to do something good for the ones we love, but love also demands sacrifice and self-giving. Love is not something that we naturally possess, but it is the process of growing and becoming through the way that we choose to live in our daily life. Indeed, love is something rooted in our inner heart where we have to struggle with our selfish ego. Do I seek myself or do I want serve others? In other words, love does not mean “me,” but “others.”

Looking at your parents to see how they love you. What do they earn when they have children? Their joy goes hand in hand with sacrifice. Why do they have to get up early to cook for you? Do you know that they sometimes also look back  on their lives with a lot of regret? Do you understand their sufferings and worries? However, because of you, they go forward. In short, because of love, they continue to sacrifice and give themselves for you. That is true love. Love never fails.

Lord, you love me; you seek nothing for yourself. You totally emptied yourself because of love. Help me to do the same in my daily life for those that I am living with, especially my parents and my family. Amen.

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