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C&See 16

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lk 5: 1-11

The Gospel today gives us consolation and hope, especially for those who labor in vain both for material life and spiritual life. In the midst of doubts and uncertainties, failures and despairs, Jesus still wants us to entrust our life to him. As long as we hesitate to put our life in His hands, we still face uncertainties and despairing moments.

On the journey of faith, we will definitely encounter many challenges in which some are unavoidable. We will face many incomprehensive and unjust events happening in our life and in the world. It is appropriate to take the Haitian earthquake as an example for us to taste the bitterness of human life. Undoubtedly, many questions are continuously raised about this tragedy, and why God allowed it to happen. We do not know the answer, but with faith we come to know that God is present with us; he is present with those victims; and he keeps inviting people, like us, to get on our knees and to open our hearts for the Haitian people. At the end of the Gospel, Peter, James, and John “left everything and followed him.” They followed Jesus not only our of astonishment at the great catch of fish, but because they also received a warm invitation, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.”

My dear friends, Our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, encourages you, “Not to be afraid of Jesus; his cross, his invitation, or his calling.” He is there for you in all circumstances. He still calls each of you to “lower your net” with faith and trust in him. Be patient with His divine plan for your life. No matter what happens, He will never abandon His divine plan for your life. He wants you to be catching men.

My Lord, give me courage to lower my net for you and for others, especially for my brothers and sisters in Haiti. Amen

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