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C&See 17

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lk 6: 17,20-26

The Gospel of Jesus is contradicting to many people in human society. How can we be blessed when we are poor, hungry, and weeping? How can we be blessed when we daily experience the sufferings of our brothers and sisters living around us? How can we be blessed when we quite often face many injustices and innocent deaths occurring daily in the world? Obviously, Jesus did not bring a meaningless Gospel to us. He did not sacrifice his life for a secular purpose. Indeed, He paid his life for something that was beyond our minds and our understandings. His teachings definitely point to something greater than our normal narrow thinking. He wants us to achieve eternal values. However, eternal values that Jesus wants to show us have to be received not by an intellectual mind, but by a humble heart. Only with a humble heart, we are able to understand his teachings in an authentic way.

My dear friends, the teachings of Jesus are simply the invitation to each of us to open our hearts to receive His Words with humility and trust. He just asks us to trust in him and to follow his teachings. He also invites us to go with him to places that very few people have courage to go. Indeed, He wants us to put our life into His hands that are stretched out on the cross as a symbol of total emptiness and surrender. While putting our life in his emptied hands, we will surely taste divine blessings pouring out from his Divine Heart that is full of love. Dwelling in His divine love, we certainly need nothing else. All in all, love is ultimate goal of disciple’s lifestyle. In short, disciple lifestyle is nothing more than love.

Lord, help us to receive teaching even though they seem to be contradicting to us. Help us to open heart and have courage to throw our lives into your emptied hands. Amen.

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