Write Down Your Graces

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C&See 21

5rd Sunday of Lent

Jn 8: 1 – 11

The Gospel today invites us to reflect upon judgment that we daily experience. While many Jewish elders were testing Jesus how to show his judment on a woman in the Gospel’s story today, Jesus was writing on the ground with his finger. What did he write about? Himself? A woman? The elders? Or you and me?

Weakness and envy easily make us write down vices and sins. We can spend hours writing down others’ defects and faults, or their weaknesses. Doing that, we fall into the same trap that the Jewish elders did in regard to the woman in the Gospel’s story.

My dear friends, we are invited to write down graces and blessings that we are experiencing day by day rather than writing down others’ faults, and even our faults. Writing down graces and blessings will help us to appreciate how much God loves each of us and also encourages us to respond to His love. Life is a blessing that should be celebrated with joy and gratitude. But in order to recognize its blessings, we need to observe it and to experience its blessings by counting blessings and giving thanks. Writing down blessings also helps us to open our kindness and generosity toward others. Our mission in this world is to praise and to thank, not to judge and to condemn. Therefore, writing down blessings will encourage us to search for others’ goodness, gentleness, and attributes.

No matter what things Jesus had written down, his judgment on the woman was merciful and forgiving. Ours should be also, we are called to do the same.

Lord, how poor I am if you judge me based on justice.

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