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C&See 22

Palm Sunday

Lk 22: 14 – 23:56

Looking at Jesus on the cross, we reflect upon the purpose and the meaning of His death on the cross. What are they? Manifestly, Jesus, who is the Son of God, came down from heaven with only one purpose that is to save human beings. His suffering and death were the definitive way to express his total obedience to the Father and his boundless love for human beings. It is a mystery that we never fully comprehend why he loved and died for us.

Palm Sunday reminds us of our behavior with our Lord in daily life. We are so excited to praise Him in church, but we are not brave enough to live his Word in our lives St. Ignatius describes Christian life like a battle where two sides are constantly fighting with one another.  While one side belongs to Christ, the other belongs to the devil. Your daily choices of what you do, what you say, and what you respond to people living with you will reveal what side you belong to.

The Easter Triduum will help you to define which side that you are going to make a choice. Obedience, humility, acceptance misfortunes, trust, and surrender to the Father are virtues that Jesus invites you to embrace and practice. The price that you have to pay for those virtues will be like his: Betrayal, suffering, loneliness, and misunderstanding. If you are in those situations, be thankful because they are positive signs of an authentic disciple of Christ.

My dear friends, do not interpret the Gospel according to human standards. The Gospel has to be interpreted according to the life of the One who wrote it by His divine blood. Are you willing to interpret your life according to Jesus’ Gospel?

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