Divine Mercy

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C&See 23

Second Sunday of Easter

John 20: 19 -31

In the Gospel today, Thomas did not believe in Jesus’ resurrection. He was the one who listened to Jesus’ prediction about suffering and resurrection at least three times; he experienced that Jesus had performed miracles many times before, but he did not believe in Jesus’ resurrection.

However, surprisingly, the cross event helped him to come to faith. The suffering of Christ was so obvious that he could not forget it. For him, in order to believe that Jesus truly resurrected, he has to experience Jesus’ suffering. In other words, in order to believe the resurrection of Jesus, he wants to touch Jesus’ wounds. The real resurrected Jesus is the one who suffered and died with wounds.

My dear friends, St. Thomas gives us a big lesson of faith. He is the one who is brave enough to say that I do not believe in Jesus’ resurrection, but he is also the one who brave enough to demand to experience Jesus’ suffering. Clearly, the resurrection has to be experienced by sufferings and cross. Contrary to many people in a secular world who want to come to faith by scientific experience, St. Thomas and all Christian believers want to come to faith by suffering experiences. The power of resurrection is not found in scientific experiences, but it is found in suffering and the cross.

How about you? Do you want to experience faith by a secular concept, a scientific experience or by the sign of suffering and wounds as St. Thomas experienced today?

Lord, help me to experience your resurrection in my suffering days.

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