How Long, O Lord, and How Much More?

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Come and See 27

27th Sunday Ordinary Time C
Hab 1:2-3; 2:2-4
Luke 17: 5-10

The first Reading for this Sunday truly comes from a human heart, a heart of despair and desolation. Each and everyone of us somehow experiences misery and distress in our life. Our cries for help seem to find no answer, only an empty silence in darkness. In those moments, we appear to touch the depth of our despair where we cannot find God and his love. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me” (Ps 22:2).

“These despairing calls, questions, and petitions to God do not, however, endanger the faith and trust of the believer.”[1] It is a sign of the faithful one who trusts in the Lord. A tearful prayer expresses the believer’s knowledge that without the Lord who could he turn to?

The Gospel of Luke  invites us go deeper into our relationship with the Lord based on our faith. Faith strengthens us even though we are living in the midst of doubts and darkness. In faith, we find that God responds not by a way of  a shortsighted solution, but by way of his faithfulness to the Covenant. In faith, we can also see the gifts of God in the ordinary things that we experience.

It is always the same journey that we must make, from year to year, not only with respect to God but with respect to our human relations. How many friendships begin in a profound encounter and then become rigid or shortsighted: ‘I thought you were different.’ ‘Really?’ Then you are deceiving yourself; I was no different, but you saw me in glory, and this glory has dimmed. You do know how to live by faith. You wanted something clear and permanent to rely on, but sometimes there is darkness and night.[2]

Lord, help me to live faithfully in darkness  with you and with others.

Vũ Việt
(Br. Huynhquảng)

[1] Days of the Lord, Vol 6, Year C. (Minnesota: The Liturgy Press), 242.

[2] Ipid, 243-244.

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